what to avoid with high triglycerides

Here we are going to share information on the topic “what to avoid with high triglycerides.” Navigating life with high triglycerides requires careful attention to dietary choices and lifestyle habits. When triglyceride levels are elevated, certain foods and behaviors can exacerbate the condition, increasing the risk of cardiovascular issues and other health complications.

In this blog post, we will explore key elements to avoid when managing high triglycerides, focusing on dietary considerations that can help maintain optimal health. From starchy vegetables to alcohol consumption, understanding what to avoid is essential for effectively managing this condition and promoting overall well-being. Let’s delve into five important items to steer clear of when dealing with high triglycerides: Starchy Vegetables, Baked Beans With Additional Pork or Sugar, An excess of a beneficial thing, alcohol, and fish in cans filled with oil.

what to avoid with high triglycerides
what to avoid with high triglycerides

what to avoid with high triglycerides

Starchy Vegetables

There are certain veggies that are better for lowering triglycerides than others. Restrict the amount of starchy food you eat, such as maize and peas. This will prevent your body from converting the excess starch to triglycerides. There are lots of additional options available, such as kale, mushrooms, and cauliflower.

Baked Beans With Additional Pork or Sugar

Beans are a good source of fibre and other minerals. However, they might not be the best option if they contain sugar or pork. What’s in there and how much fat and sugar you’re receiving should be listed on the can’s label. Make the switch to black beans, which are low in added sugar and saturated fats and high in fibre and protein.

An excess of a beneficial thing

Fruit is unquestionably healthy, especially if you’re eating a piece of it rather than a decadent dessert. However, you might have to restrict your fruit intake to two or three pieces each day if your triglycerides are excessive. In this manner, you will avoid consuming an excessive amount of fruit’s natural sugars. Keep in mind that the serving size for dried fruit is substantially smaller: 4 tablespoons of raisins equals 1/4 cup, for instance.


You may believe that drinking alcohol is heart-healthy. However, an excess of it can raise your triglyceride levels. That’s because alcohol, whether it be wine, beer, or liquor, inherently contains carbohydrates. Any excessive amount of sugar might be harmful. If your triglyceride levels are extremely high, your doctor might advise you to avoid drinking altogether.

Fish in Cans Filled with Oil

Fish has heart-healthy properties. However, be sure the fish is packed in oil by reading the label when purchasing canned fish. It is advisable to purchase fish that has been canned and packed in water. Both are typically found on the same grocery store shelf.


Coconut is in. In addition to the fruit itself, coconut milk, water, flakes, and oil are also available. Though it’s high in saturated fats, some people claim that coconut provides health benefits. Consult your doctor to determine whether you should limit or avoid coconut entirely.

Starchy Foods

Consume too much cereal, pasta, or potatoes, and your body may convert them to triglycerides. They’re still acceptable, but you have to limit your consumption to sensible portions. A half-cup of pasta, a quarter of a cup of rice, a half-cup of cooked oats, or a slice of bread constitute a serving.

Sweet Drinks

You might consume a glass that has a lot of sugar. You can be consuming more sweetness than your body can take if you often consume fruit juice, syrupy coffee drinks, sweetened iced tea, or ordinary soda. Some of the sugar could be converted to triglycerides by it. Therefore, don’t forget to include your drinks in your sugar reduction efforts.

Maple syrup or honey

You could believe that raw sugar is less natural and healthier than honey and maple syrup. However, they have the same effect on triglycerides as sugar. Reduce any use of sugary sweeteners, even non-table sugar ones, when attempting to lower your triglycerides.


You should consume less saturated fat in your diet due to your elevated triglycerides. This also applies to the butter’s saturated fat content when baked into pastries. Trans fats should also be completely avoided. To be sure, look at the nutrition data label.

Meats with High Fat Content

You don’t have to fully give up meat. But think about going with thinner cuts. Additionally, stay away from all processed meats, such as ham, bacon, and sausage, as these meats are thought to aggravate diabetes and heart disease.

Margarine or butter?

When cooking meats and vegetables or preparing salad dressing, use olive oil instead of butter and margarine, which may contain excessive amounts of trans or saturated fat. Excellent substitutes are flaxseed, walnut, and canola oils.

Frequently asked questions

what to avoid with high triglycerides

How can I lower my triglycerides quickly?

Triglycerides can be reduced by a variety of dietary and lifestyle modifications.

  • Aim for a weight that is healthy for you.
  • Cut back on the sugar you consume.
  • Reduce your carb intake.
  • Consume more fibre.
  • Engage in regular exercise.
  • Cut back on trans fats.
  • Try to have fatty fish twice a week.
  • Increase the amount of unsaturated fat you consume.

Is rice bad for triglycerides?

Triglyceride levels can rise while consuming “white meals” such as pasta and bread made with white flour or semolina. Starchy foods like potatoes and white rice can also do this. An excellent substitute is whole-grain pasta, particularly with robust sauces. For sandwiches, look for a delicious whole-grain bread.

Which vegetables reduce triglycerides?


  • Garlic-Steamed Onions.
  • A Garlicky Side Dish.
  • Roasted Brussels sprouts with honey.
  • Grilled Summer Vegetables with Thyme.
  • Sautéed mushrooms and green beans.
  • Summer squash, or zucchini, sautéed with Parmesan cheese.
  • broccoli with sesame seeds.

Can lemon juice reduce triglycerides?

Does drinking lemon juice lower triglycerides? Yes, foods high in citrus, like lemons, can lower triglycerides and bad cholesterol.

Which fruit is best for triglycerides?

Foods that can decrease triglycerides are examples

Berries, kiwis, and citrus fruits are examples of lower-fructose fruits. Whole grains high in fibre: This group includes barley, buckwheat, quinoa, brown rice, wholemeal bread, and oats.

Can drinking more water lower triglycerides?

Epidemiologic evidence has gradually surfaced over the past 25 years, linking various aspects of cardiometabolic health, including obesity, lower HDL cholesterol and higher TG, glucose, and insulin concentrations, and higher glycated haemoglobin, to lower water intake or biomarkers associated with underhydration.

what to avoid with high triglycerides
what to avoid with high triglycerides


what to avoid with high triglycerides

In conclusion, managing high triglycerides requires diligence and awareness of dietary choices and lifestyle habits. By avoiding certain foods and behaviors that can exacerbate the condition, individuals can better control their triglyceride levels and reduce the risk of cardiovascular complications. Steering clear of starchy vegetables, baked beans with additional pork or sugar, excessive consumption of even beneficial foods, alcohol, and fish in cans filled with oil can significantly contribute to better triglyceride management and overall health. By making informed choices and working closely with healthcare professionals, individuals can take proactive steps towards better managing their high triglycerides and improving their quality of life.

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